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SXSW 2019 Interactive Innovation Awards Ceremony March 11th

The Awards Ceremony will take place Monday, March 11, at SXSW 2019 in Austin.

Michael Karagosian: Moving Cinema Forward to HDR

To move Cinema to HDR requires the right display technology and the right market approach.

Jennifer Davis: Blocking, Tackling, Technology

Jennifer Davis has just turned her keen marketing and tech trends eyes to a new football league in its formative stages – and shows up what we can indeed learn there.

Chelsea Collier: Smart Cities – 5G at the Tipping Point

The role 5G in Smart Cities

BrightSign BSN.CLOUD – for Better Connected Networks

BrightSign has been such a different kind of media player provider. Unlike most, they have been great at both the hardware side and the software side

Alan Brawn: Digital Signage Trends for 2019

As the digital signage market size is predicted to grow from $21 billion USD a little over a year ago, to $32 billion USD in 2023, Alan Brawn looks at trends driving the growth. Including: • Omnichannel marketing as a major drive of advertising – and of course a growing channel in that mix is…

Laura Davis-Taylor on the Digital Innovation Playbook

Key take-aways from HighStreet’s Digital Experience Forum

Craig Park: Technology and the New Pedagogy in Higher Education

Helping cohort teams research, compile, and present in a more engaged and real-world context.

Brad Gleeson: Beyond Tech for Tech’s Sake – Sustainability and Public Benefit Will Drive the DOOH Industry

DOOH can be a force for good and a model of environmental awareness and sustainability.

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