Drill down– Innovations, and Influencers:

Sandi Stambaugh, Chuck Wilson, and Market Drivers in a Changing Landscape

Getting up to speed at the Synnex Summit…

Samsung and Harman: MicroLED, Onyx, The Wall – and the Future of Displays

The first public direct view LED cinema screenings in the U.S…

Alan Brawn: The History of Pro AV Part 2

AV Integration Experts Need Support

Jennifer Davis: Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

Pointing fingers is common between the sales and marketing groups of many companies…

Market Views – data paths, and data points:

This Week's Guest Register:

When your AV tech workgroup is well run, everybody wins. Check out the upcoming course, Mastering AV Service Management – Ops. Manager Certificate Sessions 1 & 2! Learn more and register today. https://bddy.me/3AgLKIC or https://bddy.me/3fAmANm

ICYMI: Viewers witnessed a spectacular light show when the #Olympics opened, featuring 1800+ drones flying in a synchronized routine. See how #AV played a part in making the celebrations a unique experience to remember. #Olympics https://www.avixa.org/av-topics/videos/Lighting-up-the-Olympic-Skies-with-Drones-AV-Experiences/dvu6RmWd

Over the next 4 weeks @AVIXA will be sharing curated #DEI resources to take you on a self-guided “Summer School” experience right here on twitter. Stop by Monday morning #AVtweeps, class is in session!

In the meantime check out some resources here: https://www.avixa.org/about-us/a-culture-of-inclusion/diversity-inclusion-resources

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