Drill down– Innovations, and Influencers:

Ed King: A Retail Innovation Report for the Rest of Us

Answering the question: Which in-store technologies should I be looking at?

Jennifer Davis: Aligning Sales And Marketing Amidst a Rebrand

How to make sure your rebrand is leveraged for maximum growth and cooperative productivity.

Miami Heat Ramps Up Fan Experience at Home Opener – With Fine Pixel Pitch LED from Samsung

Fine pixel pitch LED installation bodes well for AV integrators, and sports fans.

David Keene: Coffee and Controversy at Google HQ in NYC

The most well-attended event at DS Week was the DSF-sponsored “Coffee and Controversy” panel at the Google offices.

Alan Brawn: Why It’s OK to Vent About Technology Being Underappreciated

AV Integration Experts Need Support

Josh Weisberg: “There should be a Tony Award for projection design”

Video Projection & the Broadway Show – Examining an unique projection environment

Moment Factory and the New Experiential Landscape

How Amal Hazelton and Moment Factory are building bridges to bigger worlds beyond traditional “AV” realms.

Laura Davis-Taylor on the New Retail Landscape

New Report: Taking the Guesswork Out of Using In-Store Technology

Mike Weems, AVIXA Award Winner

Mike Weems – 2018 Mackey Barron Distinguished Achievement Award…

Market Views – data paths, and data points:

This Week's Guest Register:

🎧Tune in as @madsoundguy gives us the science of sound. ⬇️

Twitter feed video.🎧Tune in as @madsoundguy gives us the science of sound. ⬇️
rAVe [PUBS]@rAVePubs

It's Tuesday! You know what that means: Time for a new episode of Study With Steph! This week, she dives into the world of audio. It's time to learn some physics concepts, #AVtweeps!

Watch the full episode: https://rave.pub/36dNciD

#AVisLIFE @stephlbeckett @AVIXA @madsoundguy

With all the buzz about machines, there’s still a surprising amount of talk about humans when we look at the year ahead.

Read ➡ 2021 Trends: More Collaboration Between Machines and Humans:

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