Jennifer Davis: Blocking, Tackling, Technology

The Super Bowl is coming up in a few days, as I write this. What will we learn? Well, nothing useful – that event stopped being interesting on either a sports level or a business/marketing level some decades ago. But Jennifer Davis has just turned her keen marketing and tech trends eyes to a new football league in its formative stages – and shows up what we can indeed learn there. A key point you’ll learn from Jennifer’s recent analysis in Forbes, it that utilizing technology in new ways can create new customer experiences and enable new business models. If you’re super-bored in front of the TV while watching the game, check out this article and you’ll learn how this intriguing new blend of sports and business is shaping up – a venture that is so different from the NFL and previously failed spring leagues of professional football “where each team is a franchise owned by individual investors who make investments based on their own preferences or personal economic factors.”  The Alliance is made up of the Arizona Hotspots, Birmingham Iron, Atlanta Legends, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Salt Lake Stallions, San Antonio Commanders, and San Diego Fleet. Although each of the cities vary, “with different sizes and media structures… this central ownership ensures that all of the team get the appropriate allocation of resources for the various markets.”  And that strategy is attracting a new type of investor. And new kinds of marketing, and technology challenges.

Read the article by clicking here.

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