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AV integrators and gear providers in the corporate AV market stand at a crossroads in 2024. Sean Wargo, head of market research at AVIXA, calls it a  “volume vs. value” dilemma – but with some important nuances. Sean and Peter Hansen of AVIXA delve into the details in this video – watch it here.

Industry Trends & Thought Leaders

Sustainability in AV

Kelly Perkins and SAVe team, June 14

SXSW Austin – and New London Show Announced

SXSW in Austin hardly needs an introduction – except, perhaps, to the pro AV community

The Road to InfoComm 24 – What’s Making the Market?

Many industry changes – but all roads still lead to Vegas and the InfoComm show floor

What is the AVIXA ITS Council Doing at InfoComm?

Asking if your business strategy is fine-tuned for today’s more competitive landscape.

Rich Ventura and Misty Chalk on the Evolution of AV Ecosystems

Getting Content to the Screens

2024 Digital Signage Experience Awards

DSE, LDI Continue Innovations, and Awards program

The Pulse of Retail

Are Return-to-Office statistics affecting Retail?

Joe Way: Higher Ed & HETMA in 2024

HETMA’s growth and success, and InfoComm 2024

Frameless Museum London

450 million pixels of Art – that moves

Market Trends – Gensler Spotlight

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