Drill down– Innovations, and Influencers:

Jeffrey Pomerantz and Educause: New Pedagogies – Learning in Three Dimensions

Jeffrey Pomerantz, of Simmons College, authored an important study for Higher Ed, for the EDUCAUSE/HP Campus of the Future Project

Nikki Baird: AI and Retail Innovation

Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos, tells it like it is.

Curating the EdSurge Guides to Education

The EdSurge series of Guides on trends in education are great resources for educators and tech providers.

HighStreet Takes Manhattan, and Main Street – Meeting Retail’s Challenges

Insight post-NRF show and from the city stores of New York that are in many ways retail labs.

SXSW 2019 Interactive Innovation Awards Ceremony March 11th

The Awards Ceremony will take place Monday, March 11, at SXSW 2019 in Austin.

Michael Karagosian: Moving Cinema Forward to HDR

To move Cinema to HDR requires the right display technology and the right market approach.

Jennifer Davis: Blocking, Tackling, Technology

Jennifer Davis has just turned her keen marketing and tech trends eyes to a new football league in its formative stages – and shows up what we can indeed learn there.

Chelsea Collier: Smart Cities – 5G at the Tipping Point

The role 5G in Smart Cities

BrightSign BSN.CLOUD – for Better Connected Networks

BrightSign has been such a different kind of media player provider. Unlike most, they have been great at both the hardware side and the software side

Market Views – data paths, and data points:

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