Convention Center Expansions Poised to Drive Industry Growth

Convention Centers play a huge and  multifaceted role in our industry. They are of course the technology-rich venues in which we meet for AV industry networking, product demo’s, conferences, seminars – everything associated with the big (and not-so-big) AV trade conferences. And they’re an AV vertical in their own right – they buy and install the latest AV gear themselves, for both installed systems and for temporary events.


While the past two years have seen a chill on big trade shows, the good news is that those are back. And add to the mix: the convention centers have been upgrading their systems, and this is poised to increase in 2022 and beyond.


Victoria Copans reports in Live Design that:

“Convention and exhibition centers from Florida to Wisconsin to Colorado are investing heavily in the future of in-person events through multimillion dollar renovations that will expand available meeting space, upgrade tech offerings, and ultimately attract more meetings and events business to their respective cities…”


And that “technology improvements will similarly enable event organizers to more easily integrate virtual and hybrid elements to their events as needed.”


It all bodes very well for both AV trade shows, and for the booming market of convention centers themselves as buyers of AV in all its permutations.


Read the full report from Victoria Copans of Live Design here.





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