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Jennifer Davis: Aligning Sales And Marketing Amidst a Rebrand

This article from Forbes again shows why Jennifer Davis is a top marketing strategist in our industry. As rebranding gains importance – whether as a result of an acquisition or in response to changing market conditions – the need to align sales and marketing to keep the company goals on track is even more important.

As Davis points out in the Forbes guest article:

“The landscape for merger and acquisitions, and spin-off and divestiture is heating up in virtually every sector and that brings the brand to the forefront of many executives’ minds. Aligning sales and marketing and keep the customer at the center of the enterprise can be a challenge in static environments, but it is even more challenging in the midst of a rebrand when the very moniker to which you refer to the company and who employees work for is changing. Here is some practical advice on how to make sure your rebrand is leveraged for maximum growth and cooperative productivity.”

…. to read the full article by Jennifer Davis, on Forbes, click here.


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