Josh Weisberg: “There should be a Tony Award for projection design”

If you missed the live webcast Sept. 5th on Video Projection issues for the theatrical stage – with staging and projection industry visionary Josh Weisberg – the good news is that you can still access it on the LiveDesign web site, by clicking here. In the webcast, Weisberg delves into the history of the use of technology on Broadway – but even better, he looks in detail at recent Broadway productions as case studies in video projection issues in particular, going into everything from the cost-per-square-inch of projection vs. direct view LED, to image warping issues, to pixel mapping moving elements on a stage, to his favorite media servers. And, yes, Weisberg believes there should be a Tony Award for best projection design. (And some of the Broadway productions he looks at in this webcast provide a variety of good contenders.)

Josh Weisberg needs little introduction in the world of staging at the highest level for Broadway productions as well as corporate events. Weisberg was the co-founder of Scharff Weisberg Inc. and Worldstage Inc. – certainly one of the iconic companies in staging.

Throughout a 40-year career in the entertainment technology business, Weisberg has experienced each of the evolutionary leaps in sound, video, and lighting technology from a seat in the front row. Combining a rare level of business management and technical engineering acumen, he has a keen understanding of the mechanics of running a technology business as well as the engineering and design chops clients rely on for all types of projects. Currently working as a technology and business consultant (having stepped down from the leadership role at Scharff Weisberg and WorldStage in 2017), Weisberg utilizes his expertise in large-screen display design as well as other event technologies for clients in the event, arts, theater, and spectacle sectors. Weisberg is now President of Navolo Audio-Visual

He is, still, making magic with laser projectors and other staging tools on Broadway, off Broadway, and for corporate events.

This webcast is a great way to catch up on how new generation video projectors–in the hands of artists as well as video pros– are helping translate artistic vision into a great theater experiences.

Access the webcast, Video Projection & the Broadway Show – Examining an unique projection environment, here


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