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Alan Brawn: In a Screen-Saturated World, Think Outside the Rectangle

The purpose of any display is to be noticed, and often the goal is to have the information shown be recalled by the viewer. In a boardroom or classroom, this isn’t a problem, because the display is typically the focal point of the environment. However, outside the confines of a space dedicated to presentations, it is another matter – think DOOH and digital signage projects.


With the proliferation of displays that invade our daily lives it is the “sameness” that runs the risk of causing viewers to take displays for granted – or even ignore them outright.

If every display is a flat panel (or occasionally a projected image) in a 16:9 aspect ratio, in order to stand out, it needs an unusual size, brightness, and color vibrance. Even then, these sorts of displays tend to look the same. The solution is to “think outside of the rectangle.”


The point is to look for displays that cannot be ignored, that are not the same old same old.


Read Alan Brawn’s feature article, on thinking outside the rectangle, on the Commercial Integrator site, by clicking here.


And for one of the examples of imaging that definitely lets you think outside the rectangle, watch this video from Epson:


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