Jennifer Davis: Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

This article from Forbes shows why Jennifer Davis is a top marketing strategist in our industry. Davis brings fresh thinking to issues too often obscured by the conventional thinking in tech markets that’s some variation of “… if we build a slightly better-engineered product, market success will follow.” (Usually followed by puzzlement as to why customers didn’t come banging on the door after the launch.)

As Davis points out in the Forbes guest article:

“Pointing fingers is common between the sales and marketing groups of many companies. “It is very common to have marketing people complain that sales isn’t following up on leads and salespeople complain about the lead quality and quantity,” explains Bob Perkins, the founder and chairman of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). According to the organization’s 2017 report “Top Challenges of the Inside Sales Industry,” as a category “Leads” was the number one challenge for both leaders and sales reps alike. It was listed as a larger concern than quota expectations by a factor of 2.5 to 1. “This challenge moved up from previous years and indicates lots of work and change needs to happen to solve this issue,” Perkins observed. “When sales reps are not meeting their quotas consistently, the pressure is high and there are even more visibility and attention on lead quality and quantity.” The same is true across the organization as expectations continue to rise on corporate performance and the importance of sales and marketing is emphasized….”

…. read the full article by Jennifer Davis, on Forbes, click here.


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