Retail Media Networks

Digital and retail? It’s been such a hot topic for 10 years+, but there are so many devils in the details. Nikki Baird, in this article on Forbes, explains the dynamics: interest – and spend – in RMNs is growing like gangbusters. Statista estimates that $52 billion will be spent on RMNs in 2023. McKinsey predicts that spend will grow to $100B by 2026, or roughly double. To put that in context, Statista says worldwide digital ad revenue will be $616 billion in 2023, and should exceed $1 trillion by 2027. Still healthy growth, but not nearly at the same pace as RMNs – GroupM estimates that RMN spending growth will well surpass total digital advertising through 2027.

Read Nikki Baird’s article here.


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