DSE + LDI Light Up Vegas this December

David Keene, November 1, 2023 – I’m looking forward to the Digital Signage Experience in Las Vegas, that is again co-located with the LDI show. The combined show runs Dec. 1-5 and it will serve as a “year-end/year-ahead” opportunity to get ready for 2024. Last year’s “inaugural” DSE event (inaugural only in the sense of it was the first DSE in the new era of DSE being run by Questex) was a good start to the relaunched show, and I admit I was more than intrigued by the potential crossover synergies between the LDI market and the DS markets. My experience with LDI goes way back – and it’s always been a very vibrant show, diving deep into much more than the “lighting” world that its title might imply. (Note, LD’s, i.e. lighting designers, were the first professionals to really get a handle on integrating video into live productions with myriad sound, lighting, and staging elements.)

DSE one year ago was really more of a co-location with LDI, with not enough time as siblings for the big players to dive deep into things. This show in Dec. ’23 will show some more of the possibilities. I know one of the top exhibitors, Sony, will have a lot to say and show on the live event side, not just the digital signage side. And take note that the direct view LED providers that are more focused on the live event market will be there big time (ROE is one of the big ones).

But if you go to DSE this time (you should – if you’ve never been to a LDI show, what are you waiting for, it’s an AV show big time) you may be asking, OK, but what digital signage stuff should I look for? Here’s my answer: you see how the exhibitor list is heavy on the CMS side? And other software platforms. This is no coincidence. Digital Signage has been the most software-driven of pro AV technologies for a while. Some years back, this manifested itself in the fact that CMS platform providers often even sourced big jobs from big end users, then brought display manufacturers and AV integrators onto the job. Today, it manifests itself more on the technical side than on that marketing side: digital signage ecosytems (and indeed much of AV) are more software-centric now, with better API’s so software can better sync to and play more friendly with other software. That’s the future of content, no matter what displays you’re using.

Today CMS providers, and now new Device Management platform providers, are driving much of the innovation in digital signage. How will this manifest itself at the DSE show? That’s what I’ll be asking as I explore the show. And, yes, I’ll be all over the LDI part as well, the things that crossover into AV, and are just flat awesome – think major Broadway productions that are now video heavy, touring show of all stripes, corporate live events that bring concert touring tech to the stage, and much, much more.

Find out more about DSE/LDI, and register, here.

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