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If you’re not aware of what Joe Way has been doing to raise the bar for technology-for-learning for not just the University of Southern California but for the entire higher ed world, you’ve been living under a rock. Besides being at the helm and in charge of USC’s high-level AV upgrades and management, Joe is at every conference, and on every platform, sharing his deep knowledge of how universities leverage the best tech solutions to help teachers teach and students learn, period. And real world, not maybe solutions pushed only by vendors.

In one of his “Business of AV” columns (link below), Joe explains that the convergence of unified communication and AV is well underway, and the next convergence coming is AV with the metaverse. He writes:

“….I know most people jumped straight to envisioning a classroom of students all wearing VR headsets, and thought, no way, not happening. And you’re right, that will not be the standard–though it will be the case for some classes and spaces. But the reason you are wrong, and I am right, is because you don’t understand the metaverse and its purpose.

…. More research money is going into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences than any other tech area. Let me say that again… More research money is going into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences than any other tech area. This is true at Facebook and it’s true on our university campuses. If you have an engineering school or are an R1 institution, just look at your grant dollars. Follow the money. Follow. The. Money. Cancer/medical research and alternative realities are where all the donor and grant money is flowing.”

So what does this have to do with AV, Joe asks. Read his analysis here.


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