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Access Now: the Best Higher Ed Tech Roadmap for Instructional Continuity in the Crisis

By David Keene

There’s no other way to say it: in this crisis, our great universities – at the apex of our societal achievements – have stepped up and forged a path to solutions. And no one has done a better job of orchestrating a crowd-sourced roadmap to solutions for higher ed Instructional Continuity in the crisis, than has Daniel Stanford, Director of Faculty Development & Technology Innovation/Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor, at DePaul University. This resource is unbelievably helpful. And higher ed professionals can add to it, in real time.


Access this roadmap, and learn from the professionals who are crafting the solutions: CLICK HERE.


Its beauty is not in distilling down the data, parsing it. Its beauty is in showing you how some of the best minds and best talents in the country are stepping up to the challenges, now, with what tools and what resources.

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